Friday, March 18, 2016

Praise Reports

Jesus we are crying out for help and we need your loving care wrap your loving hands around me comfort me with peace and grace! We
thank you lord for being my helper and best friend you know everything about me Jesus your so powerful you can set people free and
heal the sick. your my God in I trust my whole life to you Jesus!

Jesus forgives are sins every time I fall Jesus lifts me up into his arms and says I Love you and I forgives you! You come to me everyone that's worried and stressed I will give them rest. WE come running to the father for help and he gives us peace and grace , joy.

Jesus is good everything is good for the lord is the king of our Hearts!
everyone worship the king of the earth in our hearts everyday the lord gives us grace, peace love joy and grace!
love the lord with all your Heart!

Jesus is lord of lord king of kings.. He is the lover of my LIFE!

Jesus will always be here
Jesus will always be here with me
Jesus always around to help you out.
He will never leave you or forsake you
Jesus is my Savior and Lord
He is the King of Kings
Jesus is the love of my life
I praise you Jesus for everything.

The king is worthy of praise. he is the lord, Jesus love you.

Jesus is love he love me and you for ever.
worship the Lord with all your heart!! this is the time to worship the king!! come here to worship Jesus our king with open hearts and open hands!! WE worship and Praise to Jesus our king!!