Friday, March 18, 2016

What are you thankful for

From: Danielle
I am so thankful for my
wonderful family who raised me in the truth, and shows me love and
support every day.

 From: No Name
My life. I thank Him for paving the streets beneath my feet. He is amazing and everyday I become more amazed by His awesome powers.

 From: Lauren
I thank Lord for giving me the strength to go on each day and for blessing me to have the wonderful Christian friends that I do.

 From: Laurie
I thank God for my job!

 From: Maureen
My boyfriend Trevor who, re-introduced me to God.

 From: Sara
I thank God for my daughter and for God's grace to accept us as we are.

 From: Taryn
I thank God for choosing me to live on this earth. And I feel loved knowing He is always here in me to protect me!

 From: Emily
I thank God for everything that He has blessed me with like my family, friends, home, and the gift of dance that He has blessed me with.

From: No Name
My Salvation.